1. Why are you creating Unite?

    1. We hate lines as much as the next guys. That's why we decided to do something about it. Bribing the bouncer is antiquated and unpredictable, and we believe there should be an efficient system for those who value their time above all else.

    2. Nightlife venues receive very little information about the flow of customers in and out, missing out on data that could help marketing and staffing initiatives.

  2. How much is a Unite Pass?

    1. As a company, Unite will solely act as the “middle-man” between the users purchasing skip passes and the venues that offer them.

    2. The bar will set a price (at their discretion) in order to initiate the ability to buy passes.

  3. How do I buy a Unite pass?

    1. The first step is to download the iOS or Android app (coming soon).

    2. Once the purchase window opens at a venue, any registered user will be able to actively purchase a pass for the designated price.

  4. What happens after I buy a pass?

    1. When a pass or passes are purchased, the user will be given a ticket with a unique 5-digit verification code used to verify both entry and payment.

    2. The user must then present the 5-digit code to the bouncer or whoever is managing the line.

    3. Since different bars have their respective entry policies, managers and owners will have the FINAL say regarding who may enter the venue.

    4. There are several reasons why a patron may be denied entry by management. These include if a user is underage, too intoxicated, and/or not dressed appropriately.